LUDO - yet another Faroese feature film

22 February 2014

In post production ...

LUDO is a psychologial drama takig place during a day and a night in the life of a young family living in a beautiful house by the sea in the village of Sandur in the Faroe Islands. At a first glance it seems like an ordinary, happy family - mum and dad and their 11-year-old daughter - but soon we realize that something dark and sinister lies lurking behind the facade waiting to explode.

From short to feature
What originally started as a short film turned out to become a feature film (70 minutes), and so we are just about to have managed - once again - to do "the impossible", i.e. a Faroese feature film. But we're not quite there yet: editing is done and we're hoping for a premiere in May 2014, but we still need to find some more money for the post production, so ...

Shooting took place in August 2013 in the village of Sandur, Faroe Islands, with a small, but dedicated crew and actors too, willing to work 14 hours a day with no complaints what so ever. Our warmest thanks to everyone for making it happen and to every one who has supported us financially or otherwise so far.

Some rough stills from the film (click for a larger version)



The cast

Lea Blaaberg

The daughter

Hildigunn Eyðfinsdóttir

The mother

Hjálmar Dam

The father

Bárður Persson

The doctor

Gunnvá Zachariasen

The doctor's wife

The crew
Screenwriter, director and editor: KATRIN OTTARSDÓTTIR
Cinematographer: NATASCHA RYDVALD (DFF) Website
Cinematograper's assistant: RÓGVI RAMUSSEN
Production design: EDWARD FUGLØ
Sound recording: JÓN MCBIRNIE
Grip/Jack-of-all-trades: SIGTÓRUR ANDREASEN
Production degsign assistants: JANUS HANSEN, ANNIE EYSTBERG JENSEN
Producer: HUGIN EIDE

Financial supporters/sponsors - so far:
Cultural funds etc.: Mentanargrunnur Landsins, Filmsgrunnur Norðurlandahúsins og Klippfisks, Tórshavnar Kommuna, Fjølrit, VisitFaroeIslands
Private companies: P/f Poul Michelsen, Hotel Føroyar, Effo, SPEKT, BankNordik, Eik Banki, Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar, Advokatskrivstovan, Advokatfelagið, Faroe Ship

- and 59 other who contributed to our CROWD FUNDING campaign on

Other support and help:
Kameraudlejningen A/S, Kringvarp Føroya, Klippfisk, the owners of the house on Høgnamørk, Optikbúðin, Hjá Kissa, Niels L. Arge, Tjóðpallur Føroya, Bilrøkt, Sandoyar Bjargingarfelag, Ungmannafelagið Virkið, Jørgin P. Johannesen, P/F Jógvan Weihe, Viviann Hárfríðkan (Ada Joensen & Annika Udbø), Henrik Jensen, Atlantic Airways, Harald Jensen, Kjartan Petersen

Thank you all!!

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